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Ready for Derby day?

Kicking off in only a few days time (1/06/2013) The Derby dates back to 1780, and is still ranked the greatest flat race in the world.  With winnings of £1.25m, the Investec Derby has one of the biggest prizes in money in UK racing, matched only by the prestige that victory brings.  It remains the race that everyone wants to win, as horses and riders push themselves to the limit around the unique and challenging course.

The Investec Derby race boasts an unrivalled roll of honour, from legendary names such as Seabird, Nijinsky, Mill Reef and Shergar, right up to 2012 hero Camelot.

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Corporate hotel bookings increased at a record rate for April 2013!

According to Pegasus Solutions, corporate hotel transactions increases a massive 8% last month, compared figures from April 2012, this marks the highest year-on-year raise in reservations through the global distribution systems (GDS) since August 2011!

January 2013 previously had the strongest growth this year, when hotel bookings increased 7.9% over the same month in 2012 but April’s solid performance also secured a growth rate of 4.0% in GDS bookings for the first four months of the year.

Average room rates were almost the same as in 2012, only rising to 0.1%!

“When we last reported this kind of year-over-year increase in 2011, we were quoted as saying the hotel industry is strongly influenced by the economy, but does not take marching orders from it’,” said David Millili, CEO of Pegasus Solutions. “At that time, we were dealing with the US and European economic debt and credit crises. Today, we’re hearing one positive economic indicator after another, which is definitely inciting business and leisure travellers to book. And, we expect them to book for the foreseeable future.”

It’s not just corporate either hotel leisure bookings also saw strong growth in April 2013, increasing 6.2% compared with the same month last year!

Looking forward, Pegasus forecast that global corporate booking volumes are expected to stay close to 2012 levels through the summer months, while leisure bookings are expected to see strong growth, with “potential for double-digit gains in July and August”.

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Got somewhere to stay for Hard Rock Calling?

Only a month to go until London goes into festival mode, with news acts just announced to play alongside huge names from Bruce Springsteen to legendary British indie-rockers Kasabian and the mod-father himself Paul Weller.

Hard Rock Calling is held annually, playing primarily rock music with a big line up of various performers not to be missed; Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Neil Young have all played this massive festival!

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